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Plating also improves penetration capabilities of the pellet. Nickel-plated shot Lead shot is classified by its antimony alloy content as either chilled or magnum.

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Comparing Magnum, Chilled and Plated Lead Shot: Plated shot is the best choice for superior game loads. It offers better penetration and energy-transfer. /2 Nickel Plated lead shot, diameter, pellets/oz, 11lb bag. The surface coating of nickel allows these pellets to penetrate straight through Because chilled lead shot contains lower concentrations of antimony, which is lighter.

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And while you can get #5 shot with softer, denser pellets that penetrate better, or harder “magnum” pellets that will give you a more uniform spread – you will. Buy your #4 lead shot ammunition in bulk here at Its superior ballistics and tendency to penetrate deeper leads to easier kills, making it preferred.

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Shot is a collective term for small balls or pellets, often made of lead. These were the original Hence, chilled lead shot, being harder and less likely to deform during firing, is preferred by The range at which game is typically encountered and the penetration needed to assure a clean kill must both be considered. I spent extra language discussing lead shot because it is still by far the most use terms like “6% antimony,” “6% shot,” “magnum shot,” or “extra hard shot” to lead pellet are the two most significant factors in how it will pattern and penetrate.

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Oct 2, - I have yet to determind what Magnum Lead Shot really is: However the Nickel Plated Lead Shot unequal in terms of penetration and energy. 2% antimony and 98% lead, this shot is softer than chilled or magnum lead shot. OF THE CCI SHOT CAPSULES,GREAT PATTERNS AND PENETRATION.

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Winchester's uniform, chilled lead shot provides consistent shot patterns and better penetration. Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Jun 19, - -chilled lead shot penetration in ballistics gel from the muzzle to 75 yards -the minimum impact velocity for chilled lead shot (sizes #2-#9), and.

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West Coast Magnum Shot for the reloader who demands only the best. shot with less deformation, in shorter strings, at maximum velocity and penetration. It spreads less and produces a denser shot pattern. When the shot hits, it will more likely penetrate the bird, which may lead to more bleeding. Using a more.

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Feb 27, - Tested was a 2¾ inch load of federal premium #4 plated magnum buckshot fired from an 18 inch barreled Remington Marine Magnum. Soft lead flattens out too easily to be a good choice for penetration. Hardened lead is better; this is referred to as chilled shot and is commonly available.

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A 28 gauge much more efficient than the 10 magnum! are all slightly higher than lead and ammunition loaded with these pellets give very interesting results. Apr 7, - 6 shot is grs., and chilled, lead-alloy No. Pellet energy and penetration are certainly critical characteristics for bringing a gobbler to bag;.

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Lawrence design their shot to pattern tightly and deliver deep penetration on game. Flows great through shotshell reloaders, too. Magnum Lead Shot is made. Lead Shot Chill. Type of Shot. Number. (in.) Alloy. Graphite-Coated. Fine Dust and finer . shorter shot strings, at maximum velocity and penetration.