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Jump to Later Protestant teachings - It is implicit in his Christian Dogmatics that belief in Mary's perpetual virginity is the older and traditional view among ‎Doctrine and · ‎History · ‎Protestant Reformation · ‎Scripture.

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Perpetual virginity. Mary in culture. Art · Feast days · Hymns · Music · Shrines · Titles · v · t · e. Protestant views on Mary include the theological positions of major Protestant representatives. Oct 10, - If you deny the perpetual virginity of Mary, you'll have a hard time finding support in the tradition - even among Protestants. The Catholic Church.

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Apr 10, - All of the early Protestant Founders accepted the truth of the perpetual virginity of Mary. How could this be, if it is merely “tradition” with no. May 31, - Bodie Hodge, AiG–US, examines a teaching which has been held by Catholics and many Protestants.

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Most Protestants claim that Mary bore children other than Jesus. The perpetual virginity of Mary has always been reconciled with the biblical references to. Apr 13, - Once upon a time, almost no Christians denied that Mary the mother of Jesus was perpetually a virgin: including Protestants. Of the early.

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Luther affirmed Mary's perpetual virginity. It's a shame that many Protestants now reject it. Aaron Taylor. 6 January, The Wedding of Mary and Joseph. The Perpetual Virginity of Mary. by Dr. The protestant reformers affirmed their belief that Mary, while remaining every-virgin, was truly the Mother of God.

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controversy concerning the alleged “perpetual virginity” of the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church (along with a few Protestant. May 8, - [Note: Helvidius was a 5th-century Christian who denied the perpetual virginity of Mary and was rebuked and refuted by Jerome in his treatise.